Unusual guitar, possibly by Charles W. Dunn



This guitar was purchased at an auction in Ohio, and included a modern handwritten note that read:


Boy designed guitar when 15 years old

Played in Cleveland big bands

Name Cordial Grambo




The instrument has a Spruce top, Oak back and sides, and a cherry neck.  The methods and style of construction suggest that the builder was possibly trained in furniture making.  Note the metal bracket on the lower side of the instrument, installed to keep it from sliding off the knee.



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The neck block of the instrument is stamped with what is presumed to be the maker's name.  The latter part is illegible, but it appears to read "C. W. DXXX" (the X's indicating the illegible letters).

"Dunn, Charles W. (mnfr. guitars) 21 Anndale" appears in the 1896-97 Cleveland City Directory, and could possibly be the maker of this instrument.



Photo: Eli Kaufman and the American Banjo Fraternity

Fellow collector Eli Kaufman supplied this image- he purchased it in a store in New York city approximately 25 years ago.  It was taken at a photography studio located on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, but no date or any other information is given.  The instrument lacks the curved wooden bar present in the upper bout area on our example, so it is possible that ours is not the instrument in the photo.



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